Add the package to your project:

go get

Add a new test main_test.go:

func add(t gobdd.StepTest, ctx gobdd.Context, var1, var2 int) {
	res := var1 + var2
	ctx.Set("sumRes", res)

func check(t gobdd.StepTest, ctx gobdd.Context, sum int) {
	received, err := ctx.GetInt("sumRes")
    if err != nil {


	if sum != received {
        t.Error(errors.New("the math does not work for you"))

func TestScenarios(t *testing.T) {
	suite := NewSuite(t)
	suite.AddStep(`I add (\d+) and (\d+)`, add)
	suite.AddStep(`the result should equal (\d+)`, check)

Inside features folder create your scenarios. Here is an example:

Feature: math operations
  Scenario: add two digits
    When I add 1 and 2
    Then the result should equal 3

and run tests

go test ./...